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Icy road forecast for high way and bridges for state Department of Transportation (DOT) for anti-ice and de-ice management.
IcyRoad® service forecasts the icy road surface for every 20 miles along the route between the start and end points the user selected on the map using realtime and forecast weather APIs.

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IcyRoad® Mobile Application

We offer our application for both iOS and Android platforms.
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Rain forecast mapbox map

Rain forecast map with time series
72 hours rain forecast animation
This service shows bridge locations across the US.
This service is an accurate Covid-19 Tracker in form of a MAP.
This service shows the location of various weather stations across the US.
This service will calculate Wet Bulb Temperature, Wind Chill and More!
This service provides access to main Highways and Railways of the US.

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Funded by NSF I-Corps, Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII), NSF SBIR, state Department of Transportation, NASA Earth Science, and private invest, SpringGem Weather Information focus on integrating Weather Numerical Forecasting, Satellite and Ground Remote Sensing, Data Science, Cloud Computing to provide hyperlocal solutions for urban energy, traffic safety, agriculture monitoring, and environment-health assessment.

IcyRoad® - Web Demo
IcyRoad® - App Demo
Digital Weather Forecast US - Web Demo
Drone-based Spectral Sensor Detection on Road Ice

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